The Colonies

The Elven War

Roscoe's Briefing

Esteemed Lords and Ladies,

The King commends you for your excellent work securing an alliance with the savages who call themselves Merfolk, and for their resultant military and magical aid.

I bear three important pieces of information with regards to the world today,

First, the colonial fund was at 21 gp at the end of the last ten-day cycle, minus 10 from a deduction for a set of armor (OOC: Ryan). Your work with the Merfolk has raised that number to 73 gp total, after deductions, plus 2 gp in blue gems, plus 12 gp in the Lizardfolk shield. Both of these, as material items, will remain in the fund until you sell them/withdraw them for use, or until the cash in the fund runs out, at which time they will be liquidated to keep the fund running. With war taxes applied, 36.75 gp will be spent each 10-day cycle, meaning that the fund has enough for 2 ten-day cycles (one of which you are halfway into). I would continue to recommend that you work towards filling this fund more, perhaps requesting tribute from the Merfolk or trying to get it in loot from the elves. In about 7 ten-day cycles, if you can keep the fund filled, Sansibar will become self-sufficient.

Second, although the costs would be high, His Majesty the King requests that you establish another colony in the near future. Reports from spies we have within the elven kingdom indicate that they have begun funding a second colony already, much farther south, and that they have found a great abundance of gold there with which they are financing their war effort. If you can find a similar vein of riches and build a colony there, the cost of keeping it running would be low and our war effort would be helped.

Third, the King commands that you defend Sansibar against the elves already in the New World. If you can harry their supply lines, both yourselves and with the Merfolk, or order the Merfolk savages to defend Sansibar from attack, that would definitely help prevent an attack from crippling our colony.


Gallinon Gallinon

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