The Colonies

The Southern City

Roscoe's Briefing

Esteemed Lords and Ladies,

I bear 3 pieces of important information with regards to the world today,

First, the colonial fund is far smaller than it should be. During your voyage south, another billing period has expired, costing another 36.75 gp, leaving the fund at 41.25 gp plus 2 gp in blue gems, plus 12 gp in the Lizardfolk shield. Both of these, as material items, will remain in the fund until you sell them/withdraw them for use, or until the cash in the fund runs out, at which time they will be liquidated to keep the fund running. Thus you have enough for the next billing period, but then you will not have the cash necessary. Due to the voyage, you are already 4 days into the next period, so you have 6 days, plus the return voyage, until you will not be able to sustain the colony. As such, you need to depart the southern region in 6 days.

Second, your current situation is risky. You are in the Southern Elven outpost, cut off from Sansibar and the Merfolk. You do not have reinforcements, and should you be captured, you will likely be killed. I suggest doing what you can to find a suitable next-colony site, perhaps damaging their town slightly, and getting out. You should be extremely careful this far from reinforcements.

Third, reports from Sansibar show our victory over the elves in the north. We are preparing to launch our own offensive against their northern outpost. Your aid would be appreciated upon your return.


Gallinon Gallinon

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