The Colonies

Return to New Monumentala

Roscoe's Briefing

To the most esteemed Viceroys of Iberawa’s holdings in New Monumentala,
From your humble servant, the Diplomatic Liaison to His Majesty the King of Iberawa,

Congratulations on your official, permanent (subject to continued success) commissioning as His Majesty’s viceroys in the New World. Here is the current situation of the world at large:

The Diplomatic Situation
Currently, Iberawa remains at peace. However, the war between Tundor and Galeacien is intensifying, and the elves are making a new push into the dwarven coastal territories. It seems likely that, due to our alliance with Tundor, we will soon be engaged in war, as hostilities between us and the elves are beginning to mount. Also, the human kingdom of Ath and the Tiefling kingdom of Turith are also at war. However, that war seems to be simmering down as both sides turn their attention to colonies.

Economic Situation
Iberawa is currently fairly prosperous. As the only country not at war with anyone, we have opportunities to trade with all parties, as well as having safe production. We have begun mobilizing our economy to go to war with the elves, however, so depending on our military success, we are on the brink of economic prosperity or collapse.

Colonial Situation
The newly established Sansibar seems safe. One ship of the first colonists has already left for it, taking Jipang Brian. People seem eager to start their new lives, and the watchtower serving as the bulk of the town currently seems safe from Lizard attack, for the moment at least. No further contact with the Lizard-People has been made.
I will tell you when we receive the expense reports from Sansibar, so that we can withdraw that from the existing campaign fund or make plans to pay it off. Keep in mind, sirs and ladies, that we must keep our reserves stocked to pay off maintenance and expansion of our towns, or they will flounder and shrink and may fail.

Campaign Fund
While I am not responsible for your individual collections of treasure, what is currently shared, to help grow Sansibar and fund your future endeavors, is as follows:
1 Wooden Shield (worth approximately 12 Gold, if sold, due to the exotic design and story of it coming from the New World).
100 Gold Pieces

Scouting Reports
As of yet, you have not sent out any scouts, and thus they have nothing to report.

News from the King
His Majesty has sent word that the best minds of the realm are working on interrogating the captive Lizard-Person. They have had moderate success with the language, and some of them have started attempting to learn from him how he conjured fire, as you reported, but so far there has been no success replicating this. They remain hopeful.

Your Situation
Now, onto what concerns you immediately. You seem to have two options, since you have not chosen to send out scouts: The first option is to return to Sansibar and attempt to penetrate the swampy mainland deeper. Perhaps, equipped with the rudiments of the language, thanks to the King’s news, we could make some headway on diplomacy, though this may still be difficult. The other option is to go farther south, in search of the strange, intelligent and supposedly rich tool-beings that Tundor and Iberawan scouts reported from earlier. Perhaps diplomacy could be set up with them, or we could attempt to find a way to use their labor, as they seem to be animate machines. Or, conceivably, you could serve as your own scouts and see what you can find, though this route has a chance of not finding anything useful.

Your Task
The King has not asked you to do anything, at this time, which means that your options are entirely open, within what you have knowledge of. I would ask that your first priority be filling the Campaign Fund. While we have adequate funds to run Sansibar for the moment, if the King starts requiring money for a war effort, or if we go long without addition to the Fund, Sansibar will face difficult times ahead. As such, I personally would recommend the Machine-Beings, due to their visible wealth, but as I have said, the choice is up to you. (I, as DM, do not care: I can make something up whatever you choose to do). I trust that you shall make the right decision for the benefit of all Iberawa.

Your loyal servant,
Roscoe Loyalman


Gallinon Gallinon

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