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Magic and War

(New Format) Roscoe's Briefing

OOC: Due to the length and the probable lack on anyone actually reading the Roscoe’s Reports, I’m just going to be giving you the most important, recent information—like Breaking News, instead of a full rundown of everything going on. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read these smaller briefings in full. It should provide a little bit more guidance to what you should be trying to accomplish each week as well.

IC: Esteemed Viceroys,

I bear three important pieces of information with regards to the world as it stands today.

First, King Ling Iber’s researchers have found out a way, from interrogation of the captive Lizard-person, to perform what researchers are calling “arcane magic”, specifically the fire spell, without it harming the caster as well. The King has sent word that upon your next return to the Old World, you can learn this spell (OOC: for Ryan and Kaylie, you can improve this spell so that it no longer harms you).

Second, the Elven Kingdom of Galeacien has declared war on Iberawa, following the murder of a colonial mayor. In the Declaration of War, the Elven King accused the perpetrator of this crime, thought to be an elf alchemist who had been in the colony since its beginning, to be a planted Iberawan spy. King Ling Iber of Iberawa has denied any wrongdoing, and the international community generally looks well upon Iberawa as an unjustly accused party. With regards to immediate impact on the colonies, a new mayor is en route from the Old World, presumably a military general, which means the elf colony will be more aggressive militarily. Also as an impact, King Ling Iber has declared that war taxes will be levied across Iberawan holdings, increasing the upkeep cost of Sansibar by about 50%.

Thirdly, Sansibar has asked for more money. The current colonial fund is at 70 gp, minus 24.5 gp for the first 10 days of the colony’s existence. It has been 5 days into the next 10 day period, and war taxes will start being applied at the start of the next 10 day period. This means the fund has 45.5 gp, plus a 12gp shield (if sold in the Old World), with another 24.5 gp payment coming up in 5 (in-game) days. I recommend you try to fill the colonial fund quickly to prevent a stalling in colonial expansion.

Thank you for your consideration,
Roscoe Loyalman

OOC NOTE: The way colonial finances will work is that there are 3 paces of growth—by default, it will grow “slowly”, and requires a certain amount of gp for upkeep and taxes. You can have it maintain, for have the gp cost, or grow “fast” for twice the gp cost. If you cannot fund it (bankrupt), the population begins to decline. A certain number of 10 day upkeep periods is necessary for the colony to become self-sufficient, at which point it will pay royal taxes (aka a fixed amount—you don’t set the tax rate), half of which will go to the group’s fund—the amount of which you get will be determined by the richness of the territory—ex: Sansibar won’t contribute a ton, but also requires less upkeep.

Choosing a fast growth rate will cut down on the number of periods—so if you have the money to spare, a fast rate will make the colony helpful to you far quicker, and for a total of less money.


Gallinon Gallinon

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