The Colonies


Greetings players/prospective players!

Here is some brief information about this campaign:
1) When we begin (once we have enough players—I’m looking for 3-5, and we already have 1), we will be playing at Something2Do, in Louisville, Kentucky, at 6:00 on Thursdays. Please contact me if you are interested in playing, as space will be limited.
2) This will be a very loose campaign. The basic story is that, as the wiki states, a new continent has been discovered. The players will be leading the rush of one of the kingdoms of the old world to map, conquer, and settle the new continent. Yes, it is thematically modeled on the European conquest of the Americas. This means the players will be acting with relative autonomy. They decide where to go, who to try to ally with and who to attack outright, where they are going to build new settlements, and the general policy for expansion in the new territory.

Additionally, this is my first time DMing with the 5E rules. There will be a fair bit of homebrew, so if laxness about the rules is going to drive you crazy, please do not offer to play.

Thanks, and looking forward to getting this campaign going!


Gallinon Gallinon

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