Welcome to Obsidian Portal and the campaign!

For those of you who do not have the character builder/open office yet, here are the links:
Builder. OpenOffice.

We are on for 6:00pm at Something2Do Thursday. If there are conflicts, please text me beforehand.

Both this week’s and the previous (two weeks ago/first session) Roscoe’s Briefings are in the Adventure Log tab. Please note that I will not be recapping the report in-session. It is your best way to find out the results of your actions (if you send out scouts, for example. The reports will be there, not reviewed in the session.) So while you certainly go off what is said in game, it will not be your best plan of action. I will send out a text when I post these reports so you don’t have to be constantly checking back, but I do encourage you to recap/learn what the next session’s mission and situation are before the game, so that you know what’s going on. This allows me to not have to spend a bunch of time at the start of the session going over the situation of your colonies, and it will prevent me from forgetting to say something that is pertinent.

So in short, I will notify you when a new Roscoe’s Report is posted in the Adventure Log tab, and when I do, you should definitely be sure to read it.

These updates will not be weekly; they are based on your in-game missions, rather than real life timing..

Other than that, I look forward to this Thursday! See you all then!

The Colonies

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