The Colonies

The Southern City
Roscoe's Briefing

Esteemed Lords and Ladies,

I bear 3 pieces of important information with regards to the world today,

First, the colonial fund is far smaller than it should be. During your voyage south, another billing period has expired, costing another 36.75 gp, leaving the fund at 41.25 gp plus 2 gp in blue gems, plus 12 gp in the Lizardfolk shield. Both of these, as material items, will remain in the fund until you sell them/withdraw them for use, or until the cash in the fund runs out, at which time they will be liquidated to keep the fund running. Thus you have enough for the next billing period, but then you will not have the cash necessary. Due to the voyage, you are already 4 days into the next period, so you have 6 days, plus the return voyage, until you will not be able to sustain the colony. As such, you need to depart the southern region in 6 days.

Second, your current situation is risky. You are in the Southern Elven outpost, cut off from Sansibar and the Merfolk. You do not have reinforcements, and should you be captured, you will likely be killed. I suggest doing what you can to find a suitable next-colony site, perhaps damaging their town slightly, and getting out. You should be extremely careful this far from reinforcements.

Third, reports from Sansibar show our victory over the elves in the north. We are preparing to launch our own offensive against their northern outpost. Your aid would be appreciated upon your return.

The Elven War
Roscoe's Briefing

Esteemed Lords and Ladies,

The King commends you for your excellent work securing an alliance with the savages who call themselves Merfolk, and for their resultant military and magical aid.

I bear three important pieces of information with regards to the world today,

First, the colonial fund was at 21 gp at the end of the last ten-day cycle, minus 10 from a deduction for a set of armor (OOC: Ryan). Your work with the Merfolk has raised that number to 73 gp total, after deductions, plus 2 gp in blue gems, plus 12 gp in the Lizardfolk shield. Both of these, as material items, will remain in the fund until you sell them/withdraw them for use, or until the cash in the fund runs out, at which time they will be liquidated to keep the fund running. With war taxes applied, 36.75 gp will be spent each 10-day cycle, meaning that the fund has enough for 2 ten-day cycles (one of which you are halfway into). I would continue to recommend that you work towards filling this fund more, perhaps requesting tribute from the Merfolk or trying to get it in loot from the elves. In about 7 ten-day cycles, if you can keep the fund filled, Sansibar will become self-sufficient.

Second, although the costs would be high, His Majesty the King requests that you establish another colony in the near future. Reports from spies we have within the elven kingdom indicate that they have begun funding a second colony already, much farther south, and that they have found a great abundance of gold there with which they are financing their war effort. If you can find a similar vein of riches and build a colony there, the cost of keeping it running would be low and our war effort would be helped.

Third, the King commands that you defend Sansibar against the elves already in the New World. If you can harry their supply lines, both yourselves and with the Merfolk, or order the Merfolk savages to defend Sansibar from attack, that would definitely help prevent an attack from crippling our colony.

Magic and War
(New Format) Roscoe's Briefing

OOC: Due to the length and the probable lack on anyone actually reading the Roscoe’s Reports, I’m just going to be giving you the most important, recent information—like Breaking News, instead of a full rundown of everything going on. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read these smaller briefings in full. It should provide a little bit more guidance to what you should be trying to accomplish each week as well.

IC: Esteemed Viceroys,

I bear three important pieces of information with regards to the world as it stands today.

First, King Ling Iber’s researchers have found out a way, from interrogation of the captive Lizard-person, to perform what researchers are calling “arcane magic”, specifically the fire spell, without it harming the caster as well. The King has sent word that upon your next return to the Old World, you can learn this spell (OOC: for Ryan and Kaylie, you can improve this spell so that it no longer harms you).

Second, the Elven Kingdom of Galeacien has declared war on Iberawa, following the murder of a colonial mayor. In the Declaration of War, the Elven King accused the perpetrator of this crime, thought to be an elf alchemist who had been in the colony since its beginning, to be a planted Iberawan spy. King Ling Iber of Iberawa has denied any wrongdoing, and the international community generally looks well upon Iberawa as an unjustly accused party. With regards to immediate impact on the colonies, a new mayor is en route from the Old World, presumably a military general, which means the elf colony will be more aggressive militarily. Also as an impact, King Ling Iber has declared that war taxes will be levied across Iberawan holdings, increasing the upkeep cost of Sansibar by about 50%.

Thirdly, Sansibar has asked for more money. The current colonial fund is at 70 gp, minus 24.5 gp for the first 10 days of the colony’s existence. It has been 5 days into the next 10 day period, and war taxes will start being applied at the start of the next 10 day period. This means the fund has 45.5 gp, plus a 12gp shield (if sold in the Old World), with another 24.5 gp payment coming up in 5 (in-game) days. I recommend you try to fill the colonial fund quickly to prevent a stalling in colonial expansion.

Thank you for your consideration,
Roscoe Loyalman

OOC NOTE: The way colonial finances will work is that there are 3 paces of growth—by default, it will grow “slowly”, and requires a certain amount of gp for upkeep and taxes. You can have it maintain, for have the gp cost, or grow “fast” for twice the gp cost. If you cannot fund it (bankrupt), the population begins to decline. A certain number of 10 day upkeep periods is necessary for the colony to become self-sufficient, at which point it will pay royal taxes (aka a fixed amount—you don’t set the tax rate), half of which will go to the group’s fund—the amount of which you get will be determined by the richness of the territory—ex: Sansibar won’t contribute a ton, but also requires less upkeep.

Choosing a fast growth rate will cut down on the number of periods—so if you have the money to spare, a fast rate will make the colony helpful to you far quicker, and for a total of less money.

Return to New Monumentala
Roscoe's Briefing

To the most esteemed Viceroys of Iberawa’s holdings in New Monumentala,
From your humble servant, the Diplomatic Liaison to His Majesty the King of Iberawa,

Congratulations on your official, permanent (subject to continued success) commissioning as His Majesty’s viceroys in the New World. Here is the current situation of the world at large:

The Diplomatic Situation
Currently, Iberawa remains at peace. However, the war between Tundor and Galeacien is intensifying, and the elves are making a new push into the dwarven coastal territories. It seems likely that, due to our alliance with Tundor, we will soon be engaged in war, as hostilities between us and the elves are beginning to mount. Also, the human kingdom of Ath and the Tiefling kingdom of Turith are also at war. However, that war seems to be simmering down as both sides turn their attention to colonies.

Economic Situation
Iberawa is currently fairly prosperous. As the only country not at war with anyone, we have opportunities to trade with all parties, as well as having safe production. We have begun mobilizing our economy to go to war with the elves, however, so depending on our military success, we are on the brink of economic prosperity or collapse.

Colonial Situation
The newly established Sansibar seems safe. One ship of the first colonists has already left for it, taking Jipang Brian. People seem eager to start their new lives, and the watchtower serving as the bulk of the town currently seems safe from Lizard attack, for the moment at least. No further contact with the Lizard-People has been made.
I will tell you when we receive the expense reports from Sansibar, so that we can withdraw that from the existing campaign fund or make plans to pay it off. Keep in mind, sirs and ladies, that we must keep our reserves stocked to pay off maintenance and expansion of our towns, or they will flounder and shrink and may fail.

Campaign Fund
While I am not responsible for your individual collections of treasure, what is currently shared, to help grow Sansibar and fund your future endeavors, is as follows:
1 Wooden Shield (worth approximately 12 Gold, if sold, due to the exotic design and story of it coming from the New World).
100 Gold Pieces

Scouting Reports
As of yet, you have not sent out any scouts, and thus they have nothing to report.

News from the King
His Majesty has sent word that the best minds of the realm are working on interrogating the captive Lizard-Person. They have had moderate success with the language, and some of them have started attempting to learn from him how he conjured fire, as you reported, but so far there has been no success replicating this. They remain hopeful.

Your Situation
Now, onto what concerns you immediately. You seem to have two options, since you have not chosen to send out scouts: The first option is to return to Sansibar and attempt to penetrate the swampy mainland deeper. Perhaps, equipped with the rudiments of the language, thanks to the King’s news, we could make some headway on diplomacy, though this may still be difficult. The other option is to go farther south, in search of the strange, intelligent and supposedly rich tool-beings that Tundor and Iberawan scouts reported from earlier. Perhaps diplomacy could be set up with them, or we could attempt to find a way to use their labor, as they seem to be animate machines. Or, conceivably, you could serve as your own scouts and see what you can find, though this route has a chance of not finding anything useful.

Your Task
The King has not asked you to do anything, at this time, which means that your options are entirely open, within what you have knowledge of. I would ask that your first priority be filling the Campaign Fund. While we have adequate funds to run Sansibar for the moment, if the King starts requiring money for a war effort, or if we go long without addition to the Fund, Sansibar will face difficult times ahead. As such, I personally would recommend the Machine-Beings, due to their visible wealth, but as I have said, the choice is up to you. (I, as DM, do not care: I can make something up whatever you choose to do). I trust that you shall make the right decision for the benefit of all Iberawa.

Your loyal servant,
Roscoe Loyalman

The First Voyage
Roscoe's Briefing

To the most esteemed Viceroys of Iberawa’s holdings in New Monumentala,
From your humble servant, the Diplomatic Liaison to His Majesty the King of Iberawa,

His Majesty has already sent out a few scouts. When coupled with the earliest reports from our allies from Tundor, we have put together a fairly comprehensive image of what is known about the coastal regions of this new continent.

Before I go into detail, a brief review of a few things:

The Diplomatic Situation
Currently, Iberawa remains at peace. We are allied with the dwarf kingdom of Tundor, directly over the mountains from us. Tundor is engaged in war with Galeacien, the elf kingdom, but are currently locked in a stalemate. Should the tide turn against them, we would likely be called with their aid against the elves, and His Majesty would likely accede to their request. The human kingdom of Ath and the Tiefling kingdom of Turith are also at war. The tieflings so far are beating bad human incursions, but are not making offensive progress.

Colonial Situation
So far, we have not established any colonies in New Monumentala.

Economic Situation
Iberawa is currently fairly prosperous. As the only country not at war with anyone, we have opportunities to trade with all parties, as well as having safe production. However, as the smallest country, our economic state could easily shift should we enter into a war.

Your Situation
Now, onto what concerns you immediately. The King and Tundor’s scouts have located two excellent candidates for your initial forays into New Monumentala. The first tribe seems to dominate the marsh found northwards of directly across the sea from Iberawa. They seem relatively poor. On the other hand, they seem far more barbaric than your second option, and would consequently be an easier target, should you wish to conquer them—which with their actions (attacking our scouts as they came too close), seems to be your only option for negotiation with them.

The other option—farther south—are draped in luxurious metals. More importantly, they seem to be animated tools, somehow. They look to be made of metal like we make swords or armor of. That they act like living creatures would allow them to become excellent labor, should we assume control of them. Additionally, the wealth that they display—from the distance our now-wary scouts saw them at—would indicate greater immediate reward from contact with them. They also may be more amenable to diplomacy, although that is far from a certainty.

Your Task
The King has requested that you complete this initial foray in one week, once travel time has been accounted for. He has chosen only a week in order to assess your performance, to see if you are capable of serving at the level he requires, for such an important operation. In that week-long span, he would like to see you return with:
1) an assured source of 100 laborers from the machine-people, be it from subjugation (of even just a section of them, if they control more land than what we expect) or diplomatic contracts—so long as we do not have to lose anything in exchange.
2) The elimination of the barbaric marsh creatures, in retaliation for their attack on our ships, and an assured location for a future settlement (which would begin once word of your triumph over the barbarians reached Iberawa and colonists began to set their eyes on New Monumentala).
OR 3) From either group, an shipment of 200 Iberawan gold pieces. This would help us encourage colonists to come over, once a colony spot has been chosen.

If you can accomplish one of these tasks, the King will be contented with your performance. If you do two, he will be pleased. All three is impossible within the given time frame.

My lord Viceroys, I do hope that you manage to please the King and succeed in what he requires of you. He is giving you much leeway in this task, and I would hope that you take advantage of the potential for advancement in Iberawanese society by fulfilling your duty well.

Your loyal servant,
Roscoe Loyalman


Greetings players/prospective players!

Here is some brief information about this campaign:
1) When we begin (once we have enough players—I’m looking for 3-5, and we already have 1), we will be playing at Something2Do, in Louisville, Kentucky, at 6:00 on Thursdays. Please contact me if you are interested in playing, as space will be limited.
2) This will be a very loose campaign. The basic story is that, as the wiki states, a new continent has been discovered. The players will be leading the rush of one of the kingdoms of the old world to map, conquer, and settle the new continent. Yes, it is thematically modeled on the European conquest of the Americas. This means the players will be acting with relative autonomy. They decide where to go, who to try to ally with and who to attack outright, where they are going to build new settlements, and the general policy for expansion in the new territory.

Additionally, this is my first time DMing with the 5E rules. There will be a fair bit of homebrew, so if laxness about the rules is going to drive you crazy, please do not offer to play.

Thanks, and looking forward to getting this campaign going!

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